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Ultimate Surrender - Mar 31, 2009 - Dia Zerva , Bella Rossi bdsm female chastity

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Bella is one undefeated rookie with 3 wins to her name. Some think her weak glue and strength make her unbeatable at US. As she gains actual presentation, combined with her size and strength, she just gets tougher and tougher to contend bdsm fedom with.

Dia was last year's runner up to the Champion, loss to Syd Blackovich in the final match of the season. She has been inattentive from the singles matches of late because her team won the Tag Team shemale bdsm Championship in February.

This marriage was brutal at least for one competitor, Bella, who got destroyed and whimpered like a bdsm.com baby as crushing leg scissors caused submission after submission. The Annihilator was annihilated and it is uncivil to witness.

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